You can see to the left of Hothe furniture the dressed which has inspired the artists design.
The room is an unusual shape and every last bit of space has been utilised with comfort, style and careful consideration.
This space is home to two separate appliances.
Oak knobs.
The heart of the cooking area has been captured by our personal favourite, Aga!
The shelving, again is thick solid lengths of Oak.
This is a truly original kitchen room with the cabinetry designed specifically according to an antique furniture piece.
The finish has been achieved by hand painting, the Oak work surfaces are made from full lengths rather than the usual patched effect of machined Oak.
This kitchen has been made from solid Tulip wood.
All of our work is by hand from scratch according to our clients specification.
The owners of this beautiful room are themselves artists and conveyed their ideas to Hothe, we captured them, drew them by hand and our clients are delighted with the result and I think you can see why.... in a word stunning.

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